Ford Cargo 1520 as LF 16, engl.

In 1984 and 1987, the Ford-Werke AG plant fire brigade procured two LF 16 fire-fighting squad vehicles with Ziegler bodies on in-house Ford Cargo chassis and stationed them at the Cologne-Niehl plant. At about the same time, the Cologne fire brigade also procured this fire-fighting vehicle and used it for two years in the fire-fighting train at station 6. In contrast to the two LF 16s from the Ford works, the vehicle used by the Cologne fire brigade had a chassis with a load capacity of 15 t, an FP 16/8 and an emergency service kit.

When the Cologne professional fire brigade put this LF 16 with Ziegler body into service in 1986, I drove to Cologne and photographed the vehicle. This cargo was absolutely unique. However, a series purchase hoped for by Ford never materialized. And at that time I still had the idea of building this unique vehicle as a 1:24 scale model. It stayed with the idea and that’s why I put all the pictures and data on this LF 16 here and think maybe an experienced model builder will build this Cargo, then this Ford would also be something unique as a model. More pictures in the archive.

Photos: Jörg Uhlig

Drawing: Ziegler 1985. Click to enlarge.

With a click on the PDF button you can download the drawing of the Ford Cargo in the LF 16 version on a scale of 1:24.

Drawing: Ford Company 1985. Click to enlarge

With a click on the PDF button you can download the chassis drawing of the Ford Cargo in 1:24 scale.

In addition to Ziegler, the Bachert company had also ventured into the Ford Cargo.
They built the Ford Cargo as a tank fire engine TLF 8/18

Those who dare to build the Ford fire engine will certainly find these additional images from the Cargo brochure helpful.

It gets a little difficult when it comes to installing a motor as well. Where can you get an air-cooled Deutz 6 cyl. V engine from? If there were data, e.g. an STL or STEP file, then it would be possible to design the engine in 1:24 scale with a 3D printer.

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