American LaFrance at FDNY, engl.

This American LaFrance in the Engine 34 version was unique to the FDNY after 2001, i.e. after 911.

2001, the year of 911 and thus probably the blackest day in the history of America, the city of New York and the New York Fire Department F.D.N.Y.

The collapse of the twin towers of the World Trade Center destroyed some F.D.N.Y vehicles. Since the house brand Seagrave could not deliver replacement vehicles to the New York Fire Fighters so quickly, the company American LaFrance jumped in and quickly built a vehicle in the typical F.D.N.Y outfit as an Engine 34 on the basis of an Eagle chassis.

In 2004, a Code 3 1/64 scale model of this one-off F.D.N.Y. as a limited edition. And also that year my daughter came to NYC and worked there for two years as an auir pair for a wealthy family in Manhattan. She had time, lots of time. So, at my request, she contacted the New York Fire Department Headquarters to find out where Engine 34 was based. Three years after 911, the New Yorkers had updated their fleet again and ALF’s Engine 34 was relocated to the government island of Governors Island, not far from Liberty Island. My daughter got permission to visit the island to take pictures of Engine 34 there. Here I show you some photos of this unique vehicle of the F.D.N.Y. And I will build exactly this unique piece as a model in 1/25th someday.

Trumpeter’s Eagle kit is ideal for building this one-off. If you are interested and would like to dare such a conversion, I can send this drawing in the form of a PDF file. Any copy shop will print them out at the desired scale.

More original photos of this vehicle can be found in the archive at 1. Engine 34 at F.D.N.Y.