Scania 143 E Wrecker, Collewijn, NL, engl.


Revell commercialized the 1/25 scale Peterbilt Wrecker by Stepps Towing Service in 1992. The Challenger 8808 body came from Miller Industries in Oolthewah, Tennessee. The recovery and towing contractor Collewijn from Groenekan near Utrecht had exactly this type built on the chassis of his Scania T 143 EL 8×4/4 L 47Z with 420 hp.

Drawing: Copyright Klaus Lassen

In 1995 I was at the Collewijn company in Holland, where I photographed and completely measured the wrecker. Then a drawing was made in M 1:24, but only from the left side, since the right one is identical. The crane structure is the same as the Revell Peterbilt Wrecker, the only difference being the scale. But shouldn’t play a big role in a combination because it’s about the crane, outtrigger and underlift.

Anyone planning to build this beautiful tow truck as a model can download the side view by clicking on the PDF button. And there are more photos of the Scania Wrecker in the archive.

The Scania hood from Italeri is suitable as a chassis.
The two-axle chassis must of course be converted accordingly.

This kit from Italeri would be good for building the Wrecker. Although it has a different type designation, since this is a model with only one driven rear axle, this should not pose any problems for an experienced model builder. Since this Scania has a long-distance cab, it would have to be shortened according to the drawing.

Drawing: Copyright Scania

Here you can download a chassis drawing of the Scania T 143 in M 1:24. This is the exact chassis on which the Challenger 8808 was built. But this drawing shows the short version. The wheelbases for building a model must be, from the center of the front axle to the center of the second axle (steering axle): 175 mm. This is followed by the information on the drawing, i.e. twice 1350 mm would be exactly 56.25 mm in M 1:24.