Oshkosh M-23, engl.

The four-axle M-23 was the largest airport fire engine in Oshkosh’s portfolio at the time and entered service in 1977. The extinguishing giant is comparable to the vehicles from Faun and Rosenbauer.


3 man crew
Total weight with load 59358 kg
325 liters of diesel fuel
22712 liters of water
and 1949 liters of AFFF foam concentrate.

Overall length: 14224mm
Overall height: 4191mm
Overall width: 3048mm
Wheelbase: 7722mm
Ground clearance: 381mm
Engine: 2 x 8 cyl. Detroit diesel V-engine with 492 hp, type 8V92T installed front and rear.
Transmission: Automatic Allison Wheels: steel rims 25.0 x 22.0 Tires: Wide Base Radial 26.5×25

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If you dare to build this M-23 as a 1/25th or 1/24th scale model, you could use the Revell Simba kit for wheels and rims. I printed out a 1/25th scale drawing of the M-23 and placed the Simba’s wheels on top of the drawing. They fit 100% like they were made for it. Photos: Oshkosh
All photos: Oshkosh