Mercedes-Benz L6600, engl.

Yes, you see correctly, Mercedes-Benz L6600. This truck oldie was supposed to come after the Krupp Titan, but Revell didn’t want more. The Titan is said to have sold so badly that the board got cold feet and stopped the series of old trucks. Minichamps then made this Mercedes in 1:18.

I then completely finished drawing this L6600 with long-distance driver’s cab and swallow’s nest, which is the vehicle of Helmut Hoffmann from Oberhausen. He made the truck available for me so I could let my camera run and also measure it completely. If Revell had made this ’66, it would have been a hit, mainly because it could have been marketed with different superstructures. More pictures in the archive.

With a click on the PDF button you can download the drawing of the Mercedes-Benz L6600 on a scale of 1:24.

If you would like to build the L6600 with a normal, i.e. local transport cab, you can download this drawing. This shouldn’t be a problem for an experienced model builder.

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