Peterbilt 379, Bill Signs Trucking, Engl.

Who of you dares? Yes, it’s a Peterbilt made by Bill Signs Trucking of San Diego, California. Here on my website under Revell is the development history of the Peterbilt 359 with the nickname Clydes II, which I developed in the 1990s for the Bünder model manufacturer. But Bill Signs also owned other Peterbilt tractors at the time, like this 379 with a small sleeper cabin and typical company design. Those of you who are reasonably well versed in the conversion of models should dare to approach this tractor.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a drawing of this tractor, but I can give you the following hints that make it possible to build such a model without drawings, because the basis is already there.

In any case, the kit of the 359 is required, if only for the decals and a lot of other details for a perfect conversion. The wide tires and rims of the front axle, as well as the rounded headlights and the radiator grille are not required. Furthermore, the air filter tanks, exhaust pipes and diesel tanks are omitted.

The most suitable for a conversion is a normal Peterbilt 379 with a small sleeping cabin. The front wheels and bumper are used from this model. The chassis of the 359 – Clydes II – is required as the chassis, since the wheelbases of the rear axles are longer than here in the standard version. Of course, the sleeping cabin also extends the wheelbase.

What is striking about this tractor are the angled and fully chromed exhaust pipes. But they shouldn’t be particularly difficult to make.
A bigger challenge are the air filter tanks in square format and the many slits for the air intake. The diesel tanks are also work for “professionals”.

If you have the courage to devote yourself to this Peterbilt and to build it as a model, you will find more pictures of – Shootin Craps – that’s the nickname – in the archive. The internal vehicle number is 414.