American LaFrance Mini-Pumper, engl.

After a few “big” American LaFrance models, I then tried something smaller. Based on a Monogram pickup I built the model that can be seen on the cover of MM. Anyone interested in building such a model can read about it on five pages that appeared in Modell Magazin in May 1984.

The vehicle was a mini pumper, which is still part of the equipment of many fire brigades in the USA. I built the little one according to original photos, it consisted of a GMC chassis and was equipped with an ALF body.

Here is another example of a Mini Pumper from 1979. This GMC was used on the Clay VFD and had a body from Emergency One in Ocala, Florida. I visited this manufacturer when I was in Tampa at Stepps Towing Service to photograph their Peterbilt Wrecker. For the model on the left, I used parts from the American LaFrance Pumper.