BMW 507, engl.

The BMW 507 was designed by Albrecht Graf Goertz in 1957 and built by BMW. Revell released two variants of this gem, one as a finished model in 1:18 scale and as a kit in 1:24 scale. Since the buyers at the toy fair didn’t want to see boxes with a photo on them, but a finished model, I built a BMW 507 exhibit.

Pictured above on the left is the young designer Graf Goertz. Decades later, when he was already retired, he took my hand-built 507 model from me.

When Revell had finished the 1:18 model of the BMW 507, I went to Brunkensen again in 1992 and visited Count Goertz on his estate.

I had some models with me as a thank you for his kind support, his approval for the development and marketing of the models as kits in 1:24 and the diecast model in 1:18.

He signed a model for me which I cherish.