Hanomag Trailer, engl.

For the finished Büssing 8000 and the truck oldies that were actually still planned, a suitable trailer could not be missing and so the model of a Hanomag trailer followed, also on a scale of 1:24.

I found a role model at Spedition Lipperts in Gangelt-Birgden. It was important that Büssing’s bunk could be used.

Using the numerous photos of the Hanomag trailer, I was then able to make the corresponding drawings for the toolmaker in China.

The original trailer was completely measured by me and all dimensions transferred to the 1:24 scale on the drawing board.

Also the entire tarpaulin with all parts, which are the components that were already used in the Büssing and Krupp towing vehicles. So it is an existing sprue that has been supplemented with the appropriate components suitable for the trailer.

I took the dimensions of the tire, including the diamond profile, from a vehicle in Emil Bölling’s collection. And this tire should then be used for all Revell vintage truck models.

It was also made in China.

And again I was in China, this time to accept the tooling model from the Hanomag trailer. Gary Chan on the left, Vincent Lay in the middle.
The people from Revell Engineering had built the trailer twice as big as the later kit model.
The guys know their craft and are perfect model builders. Everything was built exactly as I had specified on my drawings.