Hübner, engl.

As part of my self-employment under my label – Lassen project – I had the pleasure of developing a very special model for the company Hübner Modelleisenbahn in Tuttlingen. Namely a house-to-house container wagon from the Ackermann company, the so-called B900. Also for this car are the matching Magirus tractors in the versions as corner and round hoods.

Hübner had the Ackermann B900 and the Magirus tractors implemented to perfection.

Hübner not only offered different container types, the Magirus tractor unit was also available as a round hood.

With the help of images I was able to obtain I was able to draw a small part of the Ackermann B900. The fortunate circumstance that I had found another B900 in an industrial museum in the Rhineland ensured that I was able to develop the Ackermann completely on the drawing board. I had measured the original completely and shot plenty of photos. Using the partial views, the toolmakers in China were able to see how the B900 is put together. The drawing also served me to build a functional model for the Chinese.

At least in 2002, this Ackermann B900 was still in the LVR Industrial Museum in Euskirchen.

Hübner also commissioned me to develop the right Magirus semitrailer tractors for the B900, in round and corner hood versions. Later he also had these built as flatbed trucks.

Here are some pictures of the functional model that I built in 1:24 scale.