Kenworth W900 with 50ft. Tele-Squrt, engl.

While traveling in the US in May 1995, I paid a visit to the Fire Department of the City of Conover, North Carolina. The reason Revell wanted to bring out another fire truck from America as a model. The Kenworth W900 should be taken as the basis for this. This kit in the version as a tractor unit has already served as a carrier chassis for other kits.

We stayed in the town of Conover for two days, we, and by that I also mean my fellow model builder Bertus Backer, who was traveling with me in the States at the time. We photographed the Fire Truck from all sides and recorded every detail. Of course, all measurements that had nothing to do with the driver’s cab of the W900 were also taken. The structure came from Pierce and the 50ft. Tele-Squrt from Snorkel. Pictures in the archive.

Later, in the Bünde office, I converted all of the dimensions into this 1:25 scale drawing. Unfortunately, the management decided not to make this model anymore.

If you would like to build this impressive fire truck, you can download the drawing in the exact 1:25 scale by clicking on the PDF button. Pictures in the archive.

Kits from the Kenworth W900 are plentiful. This is always one and the same tractor, sometimes in a different packaging combined with a new color of the model and a new article number. The kit on the far left with the number 7538, I will never forget, served me back then (1992) as the basis for Fred Viohl’s Wrecker, for the Dump Truck, the Australia and the semitrailer from Thurn & Taxis.

Here are three pages from the original Snorkel brochure from 1995 with 65ft. Tele-Squrt.