Kenworth W900 Wrecker, engl.

This model was a must-have after Stepp’s Towing Service’s Peterbilt Wrecker. Because Revell had the kit of a Kenworth W900 in the form of a tractor unit in its program for a long time. The good thing was that the chassis did not have to be changed in terms of length and wheelbase, thus saving additional costs. Saddle plate and sleeping cabin down, new crane structure up.

As with the Peterbilt Wrecker, I had a lot of fun developing this model. It went to the USA again, which of course made me very happy as an America fan. At the time, we drove together with Bertus Backer, who had drawn the building instructions for Revell for years, from New York to Haverstraw, which is two hours away. We stayed with Fred Viohl for a good week, photographed his W900 from all sides, recorded all the details and even measured the whole truck. Here is a brief explanation of the images above.

  • top left Fred Viohl and I
  • then four pictures of the wrecker fitted with a Miller Industries body, Century 1040
  • in the sixth picture I am standing on the body with my camera
  • At home on the drawing board I then drew a four-sided view on a scale of 1:25
  • and then I built a model of it for the toy fair in Nuremberg
  • when the first test shots came out of the injection molding machine, I assembled a first model
  • to check the accuracy of fit. I also assigned the numbers of the new parts
  • my last work for this model was drawing the building instructions