About me, engl.

In addition to model building, my hobbies also include photography, filming and drawing, as well as writing books.

Published 1999
Published 2006
Published 2016

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These three books were written between 1990 and 2016 and show my interests in tow trucks, as well as heavy tow trucks and crane trucks. Another book is in the works.

And as far as model building is concerned, my absolute favorites are, next to tow trucks, the American fire engines. First and foremost are of course the vehicles from American LaFrance, a company with a long tradition. Unfortunately, the former market leader has not existed since 2007.

education and professional activities

My favorite subjects at school were art education, artistic design as well as drawing and handicrafts. German and Raumlehre, as the subject was called back then, were also part of it. In my free time, i.e. after school and during the holidays, I never got bored. Since I grew up in a small village, I helped with the farmers in the area, rode a lot of bicycles, built a raft for the local small river, model building came later when I could earn some pocket money on the side.

In 1968 I started an apprenticeship as a window dresser (decorator) in a department store in Marl and learned everything I could use in later life. Precise work, dealing with colors and shapes, building exhibits for specific themes such as Christmas and Easter and much more. Wallpapering, hanging fabrics and laying carpets were also part of it. My master even taught me welding and bricklaying, not to mention working with electricity. I know how to lay cables, make connections, install sockets, connect lamps, etc., etc. And whenever I was in the shop window to decorate, heavy trucks would pass by, Mercedes three-axle vehicles with trailers, loaded with material from the pit. They drove to various places in the Ruhr area and dumped their loads on the so-called wash mountains or heaps, of which there are several in the pot.

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